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Re: Thanks for the work

On 9/3/06, David Barker <kzar@kzar.co.uk> wrote:
I'm writing this mail to you the developers to say thanks for the work
you put into Debian. I am really impressed at how polished etch as a
desktop OS is. Apart from the few odd things (mostly because I'm on
64bit and its still testing) its really good. I thought the installer
did a great job at figuring out all my hardware (sound, graphics,
network, CD drives etc etc all perfectly detected). I like the gnome
install it does and the selection of packages it installs for you, I
have no problems browsing samba shares, copying songs onto my ipod,
playing different videos which are all things that I struggled to do
under Linux before. In fact to be honest I was just testing the new
version to see what it was like but its so good I have no problems at
all sticking with it and ditching windows completely on my PC! Thanks
again, David

Hi David,

Thanks for taking your time to test our next release. If you've
usability suggestions for the default desktop environment
installation, drop us a message at debian-desktop@lists.debian.org.

Keep in mind that (hopefully) we will do a better job with the artwork
really soon. We will be adding some more stuff (packages), and general
testing and feedback is welcome.

-- stratus

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