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Re: Brain dead package management?

martin f krafft wrote:

also sprach Michael S. Peek <peek@tiem.utk.edu> [2006.09.01.1953 +0200]:
tiem-cups-cfg: PreDepends: cupsys-bsd but it is not installable

There's your problem. APT is made for software packages, not
configuration packages. Use cfengine or puppet for those. Or ucf or

Since you PreDepend on cupsys-bsd, APT tries to pull it in at such
an early stage that it hasn't even looked at the lpr_ yet.

Whoo-hoo! That seems to be the key to the whole problem. If I make two passes, saving the second pass just for my custom tiem-* packages, then it works.

Still, not being smart enough to realize that lpr needs to be removed in order to satisfy the cupsys-bsd pre-dependency sounds kinda like a bug to me.


Michael Peek

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