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Re: Brain dead package management?

On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 01:53:06PM -0400, Michael S. Peek wrote:
> Using sarge.

Have you tried aptitude in etch?

Also, this sounds very much like a question for either the BTS, or the user
mailing lists.

> (The packages named tiem-* are custom packages for our site.)
>>aptitude -y -o Aptitude::Log=/var/lib/tiem/log-20060901-120519.txt 
>>install  kernel-image-2.6-686-smp+

Are you reinventing pkgsync? =)

> What gives?  Does anybody understand why aptitude is behaving this way?

Sounds like a bug, possibly triggered by the pre-depends instead of the

Try reducing the package list until you see what package makes the difference
between work and fail?

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