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seeking advice on device ownership

tag 373595 + help

Hi everyone,

can someone help me with chown-ing a device in udev (or something better)?
I'm packaging libchipcard2 which includes a daemon (in
libchipcard-tools) run under a non-root uid. As it needs to access card
readers, I its user, chipcard, is automatically added to dialout. This
lets the daemon access serial readers and those USB readers working via
As there are other USB readers, accessed directly, I guess I now need to
write udev rules changing ownership.
Some questions:

- is it OK to chown the devices to user chipcard? (other chipcard
  software, e.g. pcscd from pcsc-lite seems to run as rood)
  via a provided udev script?
- can somebody help me write/test this? (I've got the USB vendor/product

Kind regards and thanks in advance

Thomas Viehmann, <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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