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Re: Bug#385338: wish: dpkg-reconfigure localepurge to select when to run localepurge automatically

CC'ed debian-devel

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 04:49:11PM +0100, João Batista wrote:
> I'd like to propose a facility, configurable when running
> dpkg-reconfigure localepurge , to allow the sysadmin to select when
> localepurge should be run e.g.: 
>   - everytime dpkg/apt is run (default)
>   - manually
Sorry, but i won't inlude this. It surely sounds like a good idea and all,
but all this user friendly configuration facilities are starting to become
more than a nuisance for me.

It has started to take more time and thought than the main functionality i
was primarily interested in. My personal goal with this program has since
long been reached and i really don't want to bother about extending it
anymore. Actually i was already thinking about ripping out all the debconf
facilities and going back to plain old fashioned manual configuration via
plain text configuration file. But i can imagine the outcry of the user
base, which seems to have grown pretty large by now.

Maybe it's time to simply give up on it so that someone else with more time
and ambition might want to maintain it for Debian. Any takers?

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