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Re: Policy regarding virtual packages

On 28/08/2006 Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> Making mail-transport-agent the empty package, and having it depend only on 
> exim4 (the default), should work. Of course, exim4 can't conflict with it  
> (but it's enough that all the others do), so if the default is changed then 
> the old default, the new default, and the empty package have to be modified, 
> but not the packages depending on mail-transport-agent. I don't think that 
> this is the right solution though. It's just a thought.

this way, no virtual package would exist at all. mail-transport-agent
would depend on exim4, and every package depending on
mail-transport-agent would do so as well.

no alternative mta could be installed together with packages depending
on mail-transport-agent.

i don't like the name mail-transport-agent-default, though.
maybe 'mail-transport-agent-dep' (for dependence) would be a more
proper name.

mail-transport-agent should stay the virtual package.

in general, i support this proposal.


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