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Re: Debian ISOs

First of all, please use a MUA that doesn't break threads.

Le mercredi 23 août 2006 à 08:10 +0200, Mgr. Peter Tuharsky a écrit :
> If that's intended, then it needs to be done in such a way that even 
> low-to-moderately-skilled user can set it up with ease.
> I know it's silly to even mention that, but unfortunatelly, user 
> friendliness and good documentation (good for users, not only for 
> developers!) are still, ehm, not a matter of course.

With proper software installed on the system (whatever the system is),
downloading with bittorrent is just a matter of clicking on the link.

> I'm not being a geek, however, aren't there some better protocols than 
> bittorent?

Bittorrent is by far the most efficient protocol when it comes to large
file distribution.
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