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Re: These new diffs are great, but...

* Goswin von Brederlow:

> What code do you need there? If the rred method keeps the full Index
> file in memory during patching it can just be fed all the patches one
> after another and only write out the final result at the
> end. Combining the patches is a simple cat.

#383881 suggests that I/O bandwidth is not the issue.  In fact, if you
keep the file in memory and repeatedly patch it, you won't get away
from the O(n*m) complexity (n being the file size, m the number of
hunks in the patches), or whatever complexity it is.  Shuffling
pointers instead of full lines only saves a constant factor, which
might not be enough.

However, patching rred to apply patches in a single run would be a
good start because all further optimizations will need it.

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