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Re: Status of inetd for etch

Am Donnerstag 10 August 2006 23:56 schrieb Roger Leigh:
>   The inetd daemon installed by default:
>     etch:   openbsd-inetd | netkit-inetd

Note: etch beta 3 show me a dpkg status of "ic" for netkit-inetd after a fresh 
installation. openbsd-inetd is installed. Where does this come from?

The default installation also shows other questionable services that 
automatically get installed:
- identd (who actually _needs_ this?)
- lpr (useless on systems without a printer)

I do not object to portmap+nfs (although I do not use it and immediately 
uninstall it) but the two above are really not required and should not be 
installed by default.
The suggestion to use "nodaemon" as default for exim4 when only handling local 
mail will probably be rejected?
I pretty much favour a default installation where "netstat -l" shows no 
services on network interfaces.


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