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Re: VMware packaging

Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> writes:

> On Sunday 13 August 2006 02:25, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>> Le dim 13 août 2006 02:06, Peter Collingbourne a écrit :
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> > I found there were no VMware-related packages in the official
>> > repository, nor any way of creating them.  Thus I propose to create
>> > a tool that will build (for example for VMware Server) vmware-server
>> > and vmware-modules-source packages based on an installation tarball
>> > (a la java-package).
>> why would we need it when there is already quite plenty of good free
>> alternatives (qemu, bochs e.g.) ?
> vmware
>  * is quite fast

xen too.

>  * does suspend/resume quite beautifully

xen can even migrate a running system from host A to B with only 30ms
downtime (and some sluggish time while it copies the rest).

>  * the integration with the guest OS via the vmware tools is quite nice

Never needed that for xen. But I don't run windows.

>  * as are shared folders if you're using a Windows guest

nfs, samba, nbd, gfs, ... all the fun of linux.

>  * using snapshots and clones based off them are quite useful

Lvm snapshots work just fine.

> Do qemu and/or bochs provide all of those?  I use those features regularly 
> and would welcome such packages.  Of course, I'd welcome a Free alternative 
> to vmware even more, but it's just not there atm.

If you aren't running windows then xen is your free alternative. If
you need windows then you need a recent cpu for xen+windows.


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