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Re: VMware packaging

Adrian von Bidder wrote:

> vmware


>  * is quite fast

Quite fast with the accelerator module. There is also full
virtualization mode, that can be used with certain operating systems.

>  * does suspend/resume quite beautifully

It can save memory state and load it later on startup.

>  * the integration with the guest OS via the vmware tools is quite nice

Does not require any external tools to operate properly.

>  * as are shared folders if you're using a Windows guest

Provides many ways of file sharing between the host and the guest, SMB
access being one of them.

>  * using snapshots and clones based off them are quite useful

These are called overlay images in QEMU. The base image can also be

> Do qemu and/or bochs provide all of those?  

QEMU - yes, Bochs - no.

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