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Re: VMware packaging

also sprach Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> [2006.08.13.0125 +0100]:
> > I found there were no VMware-related packages in the official
> > repository, nor any way of creating them.  Thus I propose to create
> > a tool that will build (for example for VMware Server) vmware-server
> > and vmware-modules-source packages based on an installation tarball
> > (a la java-package).
> why would we need it when there is already quite plenty of good free 
> alternatives (qemu, bochs e.g.) ?

Sorry, these are not alternatives to vmware, at least IMHO. I know
they are free and vmware is not, but there is actually a reason
i still use vmware and not the others.

Your answer is completely tangential to the original question.

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