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Re: NMU for mantis - dependecy for php5 fixed

Daniel Knabl wrote:
> could anyone please have a look at the changes I've made to the mantis
> package?! It should now support/depend on/work with php5 too.
> Also I've tested it on several machines both with testing and
> unstable, and there were no errors during installation nor with
> upgrades from earlier versions.
> The files can be found here:=20
> http://www.tirolinux.net/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-3.3.diff.gz
> http://www.tirolinux.net/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-3.3.dsc
> http://www.tirolinux.net/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-3.3_all.deb
> http://www.tirolinux.net/~daniel/mantis/mantis_0.19.4-3.3_i386.changes

An NMU to fix PHP5 compatability is not enough. Mantis is currently
unmaintained, horribly insecure (20 vulnerabilities since 2005) and
very outdated (current stable in 1.0.5). In the current state it's
hardly security-supportable for Etch and should rather be removed


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