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Bug#382128: RFH: mailman

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Andreas Barth wrote in <20060808214546.GS18399@mails.so.argh.org>, to

> We have a very tough time ahead of us to actually release in time in
> December 2006, and we all have to set the release as priority one in
> order to make it happen.

In particular, the mailman package needs some serious love, which its
current maintainers are not giving it. If nobody steps up, etch will
be late or without mailman. (That is not mathematically guaranteed,
but I - the only currently active Mailman-in-Debian maintainer - doubt
I will make it by the freeze deadline of 18 Oct 2006.)

Do not be fooled by the long list at

 - The lead/main maintainer hasn't done anything in Debian for this
   package since May 2005, although he is definitely not MIA; maybe he
   is too busy on the Ubuntu side (where he does make occasional
   updates), maybe too busy with other things in his life. I dunno.

 - All sidekicks but one have announced they will not (lack of time,
   ...) do anything for Mailman-in-Debian at the many-months scale of
   time and haven't reversed this announcement.

 - Past facts show that the only remaining active sideckick (that
   would be me) is patently unable (time-wise and/or motivation-wise)
   to maintain the package on his own. In particular, he hasn't even
   read the **** *title* of every bug report yet. Hasn't touched the
   thing since April 2006.

If on the date of 1st October 2006, nothing has changed, I'm going to
ask for removal of mailman from etch. The package is not release
quality. If you want mailman to be in etch, step up! (Persons that
have sent helpful patches in the past, filed several bugs reports, etc
are particularly invited, as they seem to be caring for the package at
least somewhat.)

Get yourself an account on Alioth, I'll add you to the pkg-mailman
project and sponsor your uploads if you are not a DD.

Contact me with any question / proposition.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Lionel Elie Mamane

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