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Re: Bug#381992: ITP: libming-fonts-openoffice -- Fonts for use with the Ming Library for SWF Creation


I've talk to Stuart since a lot time ago about all this, but forgot to
look over his late work on the fonts part that was missing. I tough that
was a little bit more delyaed than it is. That is my fault for not
checking and I'm sorry.

Now I will test the fonts against my op-panel package, which is my own
responsability now.

I also want to apologize for the problems I had with my email account.
This was a situation that escaped my control and I hope you all people
never get in that situation so people like Rene Engelhard don't treat
you like this:

"Alejandro (in case you read that in the buglog since your §%&§
mailserver doesn't accept mail)..."

Regards, and thanks for your time.

Alejandro Ríos Peña

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