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Re: s,/sbin/update-grub,update-grub,g transition


        Some more thoughts.

        /etc/kernel-img.conf is a shared configuration file -- any
 number of kernel image and mkvmlinux packages that use that file may
 be installed pr going to be installed on the machine. Not all
 supported packages are official packages either -- anyone may compile
 their own custom kernel.

        Policy states that to modify shared configuration files one
 sets up a special owner package that creates update mechanisms that
 preserve user changes, and provides this mechanism for other

        So, what can be the owner of the configuration file
 /etc/kernel-img.conf? Certainly no kernel image package can be, since
 kernel image packages come and they go, but /etc/kernel-img.conf
 lives on.

        Also, how does one know when the file contains user changes
 are not? On my machine, I hand edited in the postinst_hook line, so
 changing that line is indeed not preserving user changes.  You may
 cry that the user changes are wrong, and would  not work anymore, and
 I would concede the point -- and yet, that is what policy says.

        It would be ironic if a change made to satisfy one part of
 policy ends up having to violate another part of policy.

        Arguably, the right way to handle this transition is to
 provide a compatibility symlink until Etch +1, when the
 kernel-package with the old behaviour would belong to Oldstable. At
 which point, in Etch+1, one can do away with the transition symlink
 in /sbin/update-grub.

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