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Re: Bug#381568: ITP: med-fichier -- Library to exchange meshed data

On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 22:27:23 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:

> >* Package name    : med-fichier
> >MED-fichier (Modélisation et Echanges de Données, in English Modelisation
> >and Data Exchange) is a library to store and exchange meshed data or
> >computation results. It uses the HDF5 file format to store the data.
> Havin gthe Debian-Med project in mind I would love if the package
> name would not start with "med-" to avoid that people expect medical
> software inside this package.  My suggestion would be to go with
> just "fichier".

AFAIK fichier (fr) means file (en) or Datei (de), so this might be a
not very appropriate name for a package (with or without the med-

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