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Re: Building in chroots (was: Successful and unsuccessful Debian development tools)

#include <hallo.h>
* Frank Küster [Tue, Aug 01 2006, 01:55:14PM]:
> md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) wrote:
> > On Aug 01, Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:
> >
> >> > > Also, pbuilder and debootstrap are considered absolutely critical for
> >> > > serious work.
> >> > That's a bold statement.
> >> Are you serious? (SCNR ;-)
> > Yes. I do not use either and I think I have been doing serious Debian
> > work so far.

Argh, the smiley was there for a reason...

> > Building in chroots *hides* bugs.
> Of course.  However, not building in chroots also hides bugs.  Why do
> you think it's better to build in a chroot?

After all, I think after comparing pros and cons the bill will be even.
But at much higher processing costs. I am sceptical about pbuilder
because of it, and because it leads to too much thrust into the tool
instead of thinking about possible consequences of changes.

> I think a package should be built on the developer's system (which,
> hopefully, is a typical example for the environment were the package
> will be used and built), and in a clean chroot.  It should be tested (in

I think it should be working in both, therefore I like the general
concept of building in normal environment and uploading package as
source trough the auto-builder.

> the sense of: Can it be installed?  Does it run at all?) in a chroot,
> and also on the developer's system.  Of course the amount of testing
> needed depends on the extent of the changes.

Testing is not always enough to catch all possible bugs.

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