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Re: dh_python and python policy analysis

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
>         I have finished my initial analysis of Python policy and
>  dh_python, and created a rough specification of what  the python
>  policy is supposed to be (based on current dh_python behaviour). The
>  current analysis, and future updates, are to be found at
>  http://www.golden-gryphon.com/software/manoj-policy/
>         The document is a draft, since I have not been involved in
>  Python development, it may have flaws, and I am hoping that people
>  more conversant with Python development would point them out to me.
>         The document could also stand some polishing; and since it was
>  written piecemeal, continuity leaves much to be desired as yet.
>         I am including a text version below.
>         manoj
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                       Packaging with the new Python policy
> A package developers view
>   Manoj Srivastava
>    Copyright (c) 2006 Manoj Srivastava
>    Revision History
>    Revision 1.0                  25 Jul 2006

Not sure if I missed it, but you seem to claim a copyright but not give
an explicit license.  I imagine you meant to put it under GPL or a free
version of the GFDL.  Could you please clarify and also add it to the



Roberto C. Sanchez

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