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Re: Bug#380388: ITP: toga2 -- computer chess engine, calculates chess moves

At Sunday 30 July 2006 17:55 wrote Andreas Tille:
> On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, oliver wrote:
> > You are right, its definetly the stongest engine in debian now.
> So what we are obviousely lacking is a *nice* UI that enables
> people like my father to use this engine.  Is anything out there
> that might be more convinient than xboard?

Chess database program:

scid:  Shane's Chess Information Database is a chess database application with
 a graphical user interface.

knighs -- is a playing interface, its KDE but has nice graphics and you'll get 
themes for it at:


> If I missed something please make sure that the Recommends
> lists those interfaces.

Think it should, but I'll check.


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