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Re: Bug#380388: ITP: toga2 -- computer chess engine, calculates chess moves

On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 01:01:56PM +0200, oliver wrote:
> At Saturday 29 July 2006 22:15 wrote Henning Makholm:
> > Scripsit Oliver Korff <ok@xynyx.de>
> > >   Description     : computer chess engine, calculates chess moves
> > We seem to have several such engines already. Could the description
> > please say something that distinguishes this from the other ones?
> In the short description? Difficult, I could mention a "chess strength" of 
> 2700 ELO, but would have to describe ELO. And I will get a discussion about 
> how I get to this number.

I would say that for any literate enough person, the phrase "chess
strength of 2700 ELO" is self-descriptive.  It includes a number and
an unit of measure -- for those who do not know that unit, it is
named "chess strength".

So, adding anything more would be excess wordage.

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