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Re: renaming network interfaces in udev

On Jul 30, Brian May <bam@debian.org> wrote:

> For some reason I thought it was considered bad to rename eth* to eth* using
> udev (race conditions and such).
This was before 0.084-4.

> # UNKNOWN device (/class/net/eth0)
Interesting, can you try to debug why this happens?
It's only cosmetic, but unusual.

> Where eth0 is the only real network card on this system.
I think we can be positively sure that write_net_rules did not invent
these MAC addresses by itself, so if it created rules for eth0 and eth1
with two different MAC addresses there has to be a reason.
eth2 looks like a firewire interface.

> Unfortunately the above rules broke, and I ended up with eth0 being
> not accessible. I only had eth0, and it wasn't the correct device.
So I suppose that your current ethernet card was 00:0b:2f:6d:19:2b and
it was renamed to eth1?

> Comments???
Just asking the maintainer works too, I am not sure if this is a topic of
general interest. Send mail or look for me on IRC if you need more help.


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