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Re: svn package maintenance

also sprach Marcus Better <marcus@better.se> [2006.07.23.1206 +0100]:
> Previously I used dpatch or quilt for the Debian changes. However
> with svn (or any other version control system) it really doesn't
> make sense to use that. The VCS is great at keeping track of
> changesets.

Is it? Try keeping track of merges in subversion...

> This leads to the first question: What is the recommended
> repository layout? I'm currently using something like this:
> branches/upstream/1.2          (upstream source v1.2) 
> branches/feature/fix-a-bug     (branch from upstream source for a feature)
> branches/feature/change-path-names
> branches/feature/debian        (debian/ directory is also a feature)
> trunk                          (integration branch, for merging features)
> tags/1.2-1                     (Debian release)
> tags/1.2-2

This looks okay, I don't think there is a recommendation.
svn-buildpackage does not support any of this anyway.

> Of course any similar layout works equally well. The point of
> having a common standard is that it would be possible to write
> support tools that make this layout less cumbersome to work with.
> I am thinking of something like quilt/stgit, but implemented for
> svn, that would understand this repository layout, keep better
> track of the various branches and make it easier to switch between
> them, update to new upstream versions, etc.

Well, ideally the support tool should not impose on the structure
and it should be usable even with existing repositorites that don't
adhere to any standard you may come up with.

SVN does not track merges across branches, unless you do it in the
changelog. This kind of makes SVN unsuitable for managing parallel
branches with merges going both ways. All the distributed version
control systems are *much* better at this task.


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