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(Not so fresh) News about locales


locales.postinst has been modified to write locale variables
into /etc/default/locale instead of /etc/environment; the
latter file is a PAM configuration file, so modifying it
was a policy violation.  Most packages have been modified
accordingly, but if you have trouble with some programs,
please file bugs against them.  You may also need to manually
copy locale variables from /etc/default/locale into
/etc/environment if you reconfigure the locales package,
this file is no more updated since it is a policy violation.
A new update-locale(8) program is provided so that /etc/default/locale
can be modified by other maintainer scripts.

A new locales-all package has been introduced in glibc 2.3.6-10,
it contains all supported compiled locale files.  The main
reason is that generating UTF-8 locales on low resource machines
is a major pain.  It does not need to conflict with locales (because
it contains compiled locale files and not source data files), so
both packages can be installed simultaneously, which means that
locales-all cannot ship an /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive archive.
It currently ships files under /usr/lib/locales-all/ and instructions
on how to use these files can be found in README.Debian.  There has
been some discussions on #375829, and my current plan for etch is to
let locales-all ship a compressed /usr/lib/locales-all/supported.tar.gz
tarfile containing current files, and its postinst will uncompress it
and run localedef --add-to-archive on all locales.
We will see after etch how this can be improved.


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