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Re: doc compilations: build-time or pre-built?

marciotex@gmail.com writes:

> Hi.
> My dillema:
> 1) compile docs pre-build-time; or
> 2)  compile docs in build-time
> Pros of 1: < build-time and < Build-Depends
> Pros of 2: < diff.gz and unnecessary manual intervention of downstream
> maintainer (me :) )
> So, what are best practices about this?


Rewriting dillema, after answers: (re)buildability versus maintenance
cost. (Re)buildability wins :). If in doubt, compile build-time
docs. Rebuildability is important per se, since is condition of better
softwares. So, build-time doc compiles is better option (generally).

I'm a newbie and I'm learning. Fix me if I am wrong about something,

Thanks all.

Marcio Roberto Teixeira
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