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Re: Broken applications: Could we be honest?

Art Edwards <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> writes:

> I have been writing to the list about two applications that are so
> broken on the AMD64 distribution that they render the box pretty
> useless.

From the look of things, we are talking about a single bug in a single
library.  So the system is hardly "useless".  We just need to fix that

Please start by filing a bug report.  I can't see anything here:

A new version was released a month ago, but hasn't yet been packaged.
It may be that it has already been found and fixed upstream.


You could try building it yourself to find out.

> Unless such core pieces as the debugging tool (ddd) and the data
> display tool (xmgrace) are working, it is dishonest to pretend that
> the 64-bit version is ready for testing. It would be very nice if
> you, and other distro's, were to put appropriate caveats on the
> websites, saying that 64-bit is really not ready for the prime-time
> desktop. That way, we could make better purchasing decisions.

I don't think anyone is being dishonest, but you are exaggerating the
seriousness of the situation.  Once a bug is found, please report it
and it will get fixed.  It can't be fixed if the maintainer is not
made aware that there is a problem.


Roger Leigh
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