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Orphaning blam

retitle 360583 O: blam -- an RSS aggregator for GNOME
Johan Svedberg <johan@svedberg.com> wrote:
> I'm no longer maintaining blam. I've sent out a RFA[1] but it doesn't
> seem like anyone has picked it up.

If you are not intending to maintain the package, you should orphan it,
not ask for an adopter. I have done this for you now. CC to -devel, to
see if anyone is interested to pick the package up. 

blam needs to be updated for some transitions (to use Gtk#2.X and
xulrunner instead Gtk#1.X and mozilla) and has a grave bug
currently. There is a newer package available in Ubuntu, so this could
be a possible base for a new Debian package. So, if anyone is interested
in maintaining blam, step up now, or it won't be released with etch.

BOFH #223:
The lines are all busy (busied out, that is -- why let them in to
begin with?).

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