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Re:%20debian flash group launched


> debian-flash aims to support the free/open source flash community in a
> manner similar to debian-java does for Classpath/GCJ/Kaffe/etc. The
> debian flash email list, alioth project, svn repository and wiki pages
> are now setup, lets get to work!

> free flash community: mainly http://osflash.org

I'ts kind of strange to use word "free" to describe a project, which has the following info on their site: (http://osflash.org/free_does_not_mean_open_source):

 The words “free” and “open-source” are sometimes (incorrectly) used interchangeably when in reality there is a big difference between the two.

“Free” refers to whether or not the developer of a piece of software wants financial renumeration (ie., money) for it. If the developer (individual, company, etc.) does not want money or other form of financial compensation for their software, that software is said to be free. Nothing is implied as to whether the source code is “open” or “closed”. 

They are using the word "free" (as beer) almost all of the time.

It seems that noone has educated them on free (as in freedom) software, so maybe they should be announced as open-source project.


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