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Re: sim package naming


On 7/3/06, Jason Spiro <jasonspiro4+news@gmail.com> wrote:
> The package is compiled with kde libraries. Users demand to create one
> more binary package - compiled with qt only.
> I would like to use 'sim' package name for kde version and 'sim-qt'
> for qt-only version.
I am a newbie here, but I am just curious, why do there need to be two
different versions? Isn't a QT version enough? Also, if not, could the

no, qt-only version is not enough

QT version use dlopen() or some such to determine if the KDE libs are
present at runtime, and load them if they are?

no, sim can't do that

Also, wouldn't it be less confusing if the packages were named sim-kde
and sim-qt?

that was the main question
I think naming default version 'sim-kde' is wrong, because the name is
not intuitive to a user, who just wants to have an IM installed, and
who doesn't want to bother with libraries used by the program

Jason Spiro

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