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Re: Debian mactel linux support?


> 	ITP rEFIt (bug: #375999)
> (I've filed bugs to track their progress)

I've uploaded a package.  There is a gptsync command in /sbin/gptsync,
which should be a good start. Including calls to gptsync in
debian-installer before calling lilo/grub should ease a few parts.

I've noticed after uploading that gptsync.efi doesn't seem to be quite
working, and refit.efi is looking ugly (lacking graphics), but anyway,
it's a start.

Time is mostly up for this 24-hour hackathon at Code Fest Akihabara
2006. I only have a few hours left now, I don't think I'll manage to
do too much further.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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