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Re: Reclaiming automake

On (01/07/06 02:30), Eric Dorland wrote:
> > > I'm going to get started on Saturday, and I'll be on IRC
> > > (#debian-devel) so if you (or anyone) want to join in the fun, we can
> > > coordinate there. I've just filed #376047 too, so any bugs filed
> > > should be made to block that one. 
> > > 
> > 
> > I will help out where possible. I will hopefully email you later with
> > information on the packages that were referenced as [1] (snipped) that
> > might help you out as well.
> Great, thanks!


I'm off out to watch the football in a minute, but I've got most of the
information online now, hopefully it can prove useful to you.

http://jameswestby.net/automake has most of it. There are README files
in the important places that attempt to explain what is going on. Check
the status file in the root for an overview of what's going on. The base
README files aren't showing up here, but there is one in most of the

I doubt I'll get back to anything today. If you're still at it tomorrow
I'll get in touch and see if anything else needs doing. 

While I'm out I'll be test building all the files with a .diff in the
failures dir. And tonight I might test build those in the success/used
dir for building without automake as I'm sure some of them don't need

Good luck,


  James Westby

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