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Re: [Yaird-devel] RFC: swap on a LVM volume in debian-installer

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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 22:46:59 +0200 David Härdeman wrote:

> in debian-installer, there is a package - partman-auto-lvm - which
> can setup an entire disk to be used for the debian installation with
> the use of lvm for most partitions.
> Currently it sets up one boot partition, one swap partition and one
> lvm PV which is used for the rest of the partitions (usually root and 
> possibly home depending on the recipe used).
> I'm currently considering whether to change partman-auto-lvm so that
> the swap partition is created as a lvm lv rather than a separate
> partition, and I'd like to ask for some comments and feedback before
> doing so.

I believe newest release of yaird properly supports suspend-to-disk,
including possibly different driver requirements than for the rootfs.

I do not use suspend-to-disk myself, so welcome any feedback, positive
and negative, on wether it actually works in all possible scenarios.

If I somehow misunderstood the intend of this thread (and yaird being
included in it), I apologize: Please then spell it out more clearly for
me :-)

You can update info directly[1] or report your findings to

Hope that this helps,

 - Jonas

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions

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