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Patch cplay to use mplayer with speed-control

Hi everyone,

I tried patching cplay to use mplayer(>=1.0pre7) which can also do
speed-control on audio-files. My patch creates and uses a fifo to control
mplayer and adds some keybindings to cplay (decr: [, incr: ], reset: =).

I tried to write the patch as clean and stable as possible and provide my first
trial on my webpage. I would be glad to receive some reviews and comments how to
improve my code quality and some ideas what to do with my patch:
- Should I mail it to the author of cplay?
- Should I mail it to the maintainer of the debian package?
- Should I fill a bugreport "feature-request" providing my patch?

You can find further information, the patch and a patched version of cplay on
my webpage:

Thank you!

GPG-Key: 0x53BE81EC 
Fingerprint: A854 4C0A FF1A 09DF 5433  0EF8 1CF0 0213 53BE 81EC

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