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Re: how to execute a data-file's preferred app from the cmd-line?

* David H. Cook <David.Hubert.Cook@gmail.com> [2006-06-22 07:47]:

> Win-XP has a builtin cmd-line cmd called 'start'.  For example, by
> passing a .ZIP file to 'start', the file-associations meta-data is
> consulted and the preferred application (i.e. the 'OPENs-with' defn) is
> launched, being passed the target file to open.
> So, my question is:  Is there an equivalent cmd for 'start' (e.g. for
> KDE)?
> [Yes, I KNOW I can achieve this from a GUI-app like Konqueror.  But, I
> want to launch a data-file from a cmd-window such as Konsole.]

see parses that information

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