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Re: ping for missing maintainers

"Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)" <felipe@cathedrallabs.org> writes:

> [ otavio CCed ]
> On 06/18/2006 09:39 PM, christian.mchugh@gmail.com wrote:
>> Howdy. Just wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of two maintainers:
>> Otavio Salvador (apt-proxy)

Sorry by not reply. I must had lost your mail.

Well, current apt-proxy is very broken but Chris (the original
maintainer) is working is a rewrite and should do a upload in some
weeks (hopefully).

Basically, in apt-proxy specific case I'm not active but I'm very
active in other packages and teams like d-i, parted, grub and grub2.

Thanks by keep your eye in us.

See you.

        O T A V I O    S A L V A D O R
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