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Re: SUMMARY -- Generic handling of WORD, EXCEL, FILE MANGER ...

* Jari Aalto+usenet <jari.aalto@cante.net> [060615 12:32]:
>     (2) Another proposed solution was to use existing MIME types
>     framework in /etc/mime.types, /etc/mailcap.order and /etc/mailcap.
>     It tackles the proposal like this:
>         application/msword; oowriter '%s'; edit=oowriter '%s'; ...
>         application/msexcel; oocalc '%s'; edit=oocalc '%s';...
>     (2) There would also be need for standard features to call common
>     "actions". There is no need for end user to know the names of mime
>     types.
>         x-mime-handler --run FEATURE [ARGS]
>     The features would be those proposed at the beginning. Examples:
>         x-mime-handler --run x-file-manager /home/foo
>         x-mime-handler --run x-spreadsheet this.xls

What is wrong with:

run-mailcap  --action=view application/vnd.ms-excel:this.xls

or shorter:

see application/vnd.ms-excel:this.xls

or even shorten (if its type can be detected automatically correctly and
one has no other information:)

see this.xls

(All available in the mime-support packages and already used for this
 purpose by a variety of packages.)

  Bernhard R. Link

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