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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

* Wed 2006-06-07 Axel Beckert <abe AT deuxchevaux.org>
* Message-Id: 20060607001535.GT3066 AT fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de
> Hi!
>> I'm creating a meta package for install a lite desktop for old
>> machines with poor hardware.
> Hey, that's a really cool idea! Debian is one of the last modern (and
> not specialised) Linux distribution feasible for old and slow
> hardware, especially old PCs. But Sarge already made a big step away
> from old PCs (e.g. by dropping XFree86 3.3 and requiring 32 Megs of
> RAM for installation -- Woody needed only 12 Megs) so I'm really happy
> to see that others try to take the cudgels for Debian on old hardware
> too.


I've already have a running a project to provide a very light, very
low profile Desktop for Debian. The project is ready to install[*] and it
has been tested for old harware running 64M/166 (even lower) needs.

    The project page is at:


    The extra packages currently used are optional and some that are
    missing are being ported to Debian.

At the end of opening page you will find listing of programs
used for the desktop. 


The WM choices currently are:

    - Jwm window manager (very light)
    - Fvwm95 (the "standard look"), moderate memory consumption.

You will also find study on programs that were evaluated to build up
the desktop from pictures of memory consumption graphs.


Suggestions how to eventually be included it in Debian, please comment
how this could be done. I'm not a DD yet.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[*] The bugs are being ironed out, but in general it's
ready for the prime time.


    deb     http://debian.cante.net/debian unstable main
    deb-src http://debian.cante.net/debian unstable main

There is automatic install script (asks few questions)
    wget -qN http://debian.cante.net/stem/netinstall.sh
    sh netinstall.sh [--help]

or install can be done manually (for expert only)

    apt-cache search ^stem-
    apt-cache show <packagename>

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