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Bug#363486: dpkg: [update-alternatives] New categories for: WORD, EXCEL, MEDIA-PLAYER etc.

On 6/12/06, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net> wrote:
Is there any coordinated effort to standardize the name of the provided
programs in /etc/alternatives?

I don't think this concerns debian-policy at all.  The use of
alternatives is something that needs to be coordinated amont the
maintainers of packages.  It's not a question of policy or of dpkg.

So, in order to have an alternative link for x-word-processor or
x-spreadsheet, you need to file wishlist bugs against the packages
that would be involved, and then have the maintainers  agree with each
other what to do.

But, before doing so, it would be a good idea to discuss about this on
debian-devel.  I suggest you post the original proposal to
debian-devel, explaining the full rationale on why you want this, what
would need to be changed, what would be the benefits for the users and
what would be the maintainers' resposibilities.


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