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attention kernel module package maintainers: depmod changes

module-init-tools and modutils have changed in unstable to not run
modprobe on boot. For packages that contain kernel modules, this change
can cause problems if the package is installed on a system not currently
running the target kernel. Previously when the target kernel was booted
depmod would be run and it would find your modules; now that doesn't
happen and in this situation the modules won't be available to modprobe
(until the user runs depmod manually).

It's possible to fix this, and in debhelper 5.0.37, I've made
dh_installmodules add depmod calls to the postinst and postrm that are
designed to work even if the target kernel is not currently running. It 
looks like this:

	depmod -a -F /boot/System.map-2.6.16-2-686 2.6.16-2-686 || true

I suggest that you rebuild your kernel modules packages using this version
of dh_installmodules or, if you do it by hand, update your scripts to pass
the version information to depmod.

see shy jo

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