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Re: Bug Squashing Party next weekend, June 9 - 11

Le Mar 6 Juin 2006 08:31, Mohammed Adnène Trojette a écrit :

>  It will be held from Friday evening to Sunday evening: June 9 - 11.
> The main objective will be to make us respect the release schedule
> and go under the 300 bugs bar (and even below, if possible).

  well, the BSP was quite a success, almost 40 bugs were closed, fixed 
or downgraded. Thanks to all the participants, and to all the other 
ones that fixed RC bugs at the same time. The curve has now a nice fall 
[1], and the goal for the 15th is already OK !!!

  How many bugs will other IRL BSP close ? we will see, it's just 
informative, 38 is very challenging, so we don't really expect you to 
do better anyway :D

 [1] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/
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