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dak changes (names, version control, mail headers)


I've just updated ftp-master.debian.org to use a new version of dak
which no longer uses the silly names at all.  

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time now (I remember
discussing it with people at least 2-3 years ago), but I never found a
contiguous chunk of time to work on it until DC6.  It wasn't
inspired/requested/etc. by anyone or anything in particular, the
original names were just a mistake and my bad choice.

Anyway, the way dak works now is that all the scripts are invoked by
running a top level 'dak' command with the name of the script as the
argument, e.g. 'madison' becomes 'dak ls'.  dak --help will give you a
list of the possible commands.

This has a couple of less obvious knock on effects, one of which is
mail.  (1) mail now comes from 'dak@ftp-master.debian.org' rather than
'katie@ftp-master.debian.org'.  (2) Mails from dak now have an 'X-DAK'
header.  The 'X-Katie' header will remain for a time to allow for
transitioning, but you should expect it to go away at some point.

merkel (DD accessible mirror of spohr) and klecker (security, non-US)
have yet to be updated to this new dak codebase, but I expect/hope to
do klecker at least either today or tomorrow.

One other thing is that the dak source code is now managed in bzr
which is available from:


[This is a bzr 'knits' tree and correspondingly requires bzr >= 0.8,
 i.e. from sid (or etch after the next archive pulse).]


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