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Re: severities of blocking bugs

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> I have always thought that when bug X is blocking bug Y, the severity
> of bug X should be at least as big as the severity of bug Y.
> I have recently been told by a maintainer that my logic in this regard
> is faulty.  Is it?

Depends on how you are going to use the blocking facility, I suppose. I do
agree with your reasoning, though:  if Y is critical and cannot be fixed
without fixing X, X is also critical.  It doesn't matter at all what
priority X would have IF it were not a blocker for Y: at the moment it
became a blocker for Y, it became part of the problem causing Y.

This works well if the BTS is taught to keep transitive severity status
(i.e. it raises X's severity while it blocks Y, but as soon as it is not
blocking Y anymore, X's severity should downgrade to what it once was).

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