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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

Le mercredi 07 juin 2006 à 02:15 +0200, Axel Beckert a écrit :
> Hi!
> > I'm creating a meta package for install a lite desktop for old
> > machines with poor hardware.
> Hey, that's a really cool idea! Debian is one of the last modern (and
> not specialised) Linux distribution feasible for old and slow
> hardware, especially old PCs. But Sarge already made a big step away
> from old PCs (e.g. by dropping XFree86 3.3 and requiring 32 Megs of
> RAM for installation -- Woody needed only 12 Megs) so I'm really happy
> to see that others try to take the cudgels for Debian on old hardware
> too.
> Since one of the points, why I like Debian, is its huge package
> variety (so there's nearly always also a low end software for the
> desired purpose) and since Woody runs fine on most of those boxes, I
> was perfectly fine with that. Now since Woody runs out of security
> support, I installed Sarge on a Pentium 90 with 76 MB of RAM and a 1,5
> GB big but bad performing HD. I general it runs fine, but X took a
> while (the graphics card is no more supported in XFree 4.x and there
> no more supported in Sarge) to get it running.
To my knowledge, at some point, the XFree86 Team treated the
no-longer-existing-in-4.x drivers as bugs. They requested anybody who
noticed that its graphics card worked with previous versions of XFree86
but no longer with 4.x to submit a bug and it would be fixed.
Are you sure your card is not simply managed by another driver now
(split or merging of drivers)?


> And then there are the real low end browsers like Dillo and the Links
> family (links, links2, elinks, etc.) as well the pure text browsers as
> lynx and w3m. But there you have to lower your sights regarding the
> rendering quality respective rendering features (no CSS there, etc.).
Dillo doesn't support CSS either, I think.


Most recent software also have more configuration items available, and
you can often trim down their requirements using them.


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