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rcpar, parallel boot written in C


After Marga's talk in Debconf6, I've been working in a program that starts the 
initscripts in parallel [1]. It's similar in some aspects to startpar (part 
of sysvinit package) but with two main goals: it must work, it must be as 
little intrusive as possible (in respect to the scripts behavior). 

The idea is to have a working parallel boot system, which could be accompanied 
by something similar to insserv[2], to have the smallest possible boot time.

The current version is almost a proof of concept, but works quite well with 
non-interactive initscripts. It still does not handle the input for scripts 
like checkroot.sh, scripts that prompt for a passphrase, or similar. Anyway, 
I'll be working in the support of interactive scripts for the next few days.

It's not ready to be released, nor to be included in Debian, but I would 
really like to have some eyes over it, some comments and suggestions.

I might make a package for this soon, but I still have to figure out how to 
modify /etc/init.d/rc from outside the sysvinit package.

[1] The darcs repository is available in http://maxy.com.ar/~maxy/darcs/rcpar
[2] insserv uses the new lsb initscripts tags to reorder them, but it's too 
SUSE based

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