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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

> Non-freeness is a red herring.  The issue is that a "small cabal" -
> - a small cabal operating outside its field of expertise - has
> placed Debian in the position of indemnifying Sun.

And isn't another "small cabal" of freeness junkies, who cannot accept
that it is actually possible to work with commercial vendors to assist
them in their way to free software, doing exactly the opposite by
playing words with legal issues ?

I see this Java issue from very far and by overreading most of the
thread but it is turning absolutely crazy and out of the reality.

This is not my Debian and this is not the Debian that drove me so far
from my home to talk about Free Software to people who are currently
trying to get their language and culture supported by computers.

Either grow up or land down on Mother Earth, people, please....

(thankfully for many ears, my English is currently too limited to go
farther than "freeness junkies"....probably better here as well)

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