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Re: Adding an application to the menu

Indraveni writes...

>   I am creating a deb package which will install some type of converter into 
> the system and it is working fine. NOW......I want to add an entry into the A
> pplcaitions/Office menu of my debian system for that particular application w
> hich is installed from my deb package. so that when I click on that menu item
>  it will start the converter.

There is both a debian menu system and also a gnome/kde menu system.

1) Debian menu
Here's what debian policy has to say,


The debian menus are managed by the tools in the debian "menu" package.

2) Gnome/KDE menu
Here's the gnome/kde standard,


You might also look as what some other packages do, they install their menu 
entries in /usr/share/menu. You can look at the source of other packages to 
see how they do that. If your package uses debhelper, the dh_installmenu 
command is what you want to use.

Those pointers should be enough to figure it out.

Matt Taggart

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