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Contacting the buildd admin of the current build chroot


is it possible for a 'building' package to send a mail to the buildd
admin of the current buildd machine (i.e. something like

Reason: somewhere around Sep-Nov 2005, an alternative symlink was left
by the octave2.1 package in state 'manual'. This means that packages
build-depending on octave2.1 fail to build (if they are built on a
buildd which built octave2.1 in this period). A more explicit
explanation can be found at

Sending this problem to the buildd-maintainers@buildd.debian.org list
didn't fix it for all machines, as can be seen at
(search for '2005').

Now, I would like to add something to debian/rules that checks for the
state (auto/manual) of this symlink and sends a mail to the buildd admin
if the state is 'manual'. Thus, only involved admins would be bothered.

Alternatively, I could add 
  update-alternatives --auto octave-config 
to debian/rules; but I don't know if this is acceptable.



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