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Re: id gives conflicting results

> Doubtful.  Several things might cause this behavior (slow slapd timing
> out, nscd caching bad information, group queries set up wrong), but it's

Nscd's off since it *WILL* cache up the wrong info every now and then
without a clear indication of why. This I thought might be ldap timeout
issue, but instead of trying to figure it out, I removed nscd.

As to slapd timing out, I doubt it since this also happens on the slapd
servers themselves (which should *not* be too slow with the modest db we
have). The connect timeout is 5 seconds, search timeout 30 - they are
intentionally low so that it would swiftly fall back to next LDAP replica
in case the primary one dies. Perhaps the resolver does not implement
this fall-back cleanly?

Group queries may indeed be set up wrong - but I have dug thourgh all the
docs I can and cannot figure out what would be wrong there. Remember:
this affects just three user accounts (perhaps more - I haven't done
extensive testing) and all out accounts are analogous to each other: only
the attributes uid, uidNumber, gidNumber, mail and krb5PrincipalName
differ (yes, userPasswords are identical: {KERBEROS}<krb5PrincipalName).

> hard to say.  The fact that it's so random leads me to believe it's
> something like a slapd timeout.

I just tried to increase the timeouts to 30 and 120 seconds, but the
effect remains.

Still as baffled as ever,

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