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apt-update-stat.pl analyse changes in Debian software repository

The little Perl script can calculate how heavy a package depends on other
packages and is depended by other packages, they are depicted by
depends_score and rdepends_score.

Another purpose (also my original purpose) is to analyse the changes
in unstable version, so I can know whether it's safe to update my desktop
pc. I can also know which packages are changed actively.

I found there are many circular dependence between packages, I regard
direct circular dependent packages as one "package", but I don't know
how to calculate properly depends_score and rdepends_score for indirect
circular dependent packages, I set these scores all to - 100000000.

Another question is there are some missing packages like perl-api, where
are they?

Each sub command of apt-update-stat.pl will take about 40 seconds on
my PC (P4 2.80GHz/512M), and don't try "Data::Dumper" for *all* Packages
files, it's very very very slow.

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