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Re: Red team attacks vs. cracking

Scripsit Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org>

> I do agree with Manoj that this was *not* a legitimate experiment (i.e.
> not a "red team" test) and that Martin *did* abuse our [0] trust [1]

A KSP that depends on there being any pre-existing trust to abuse is
*completely worthless* as a KSP whether or not that trust is abused
or not.

Shooting the messenger will not change that, however loudly you try to
make it look as if it was his fault that the thing is so broken that
"betrayal of trust" is even a meaningful term to apply to any behavior
a KSP participant coul exhibit.

Henning Makholm          "Jeg har tydeligt gjort opmærksom på, at man ved at
                   følge den vej kun bliver gennemsnitligt ca. 48 år gammel,
               og at man sætter sin sociale situation ganske overstyr og, så
           vidt jeg kan overskue, dør i dybeste ulykkelighed og elendighed."

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